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It appears to be sunny, early autumn at Bench Art Park for November and December. The various artists had an optional prompt for this two month exhibit, a quote by Kurt Vonnegut.

The image on the lower left in the photo is by Klaus and contains a notecarded essay on Devicefication. 

The Vonnegut quote refers to November and December as “Locking Season”.

From left to right above, by LiL Mint, serra Qendra, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and Kate Silver.

“One sort of optional thing you might do is to realize that there are six seasons instead of four. The poetry of four seasons is all wrong for this part of the planet, and this may explain why we are so depressed so much of the time. I mean, spring doesn’t feel like spring a lot of the time, and November is all wrong for autumn, and so on.

Here is the truth about the seasons: Spring is May and June. What could be springier than May and June? Summer is July and August. Really hot, right? Autumn is September and October. See the pumpkins? Smell those burning leaves? Next comes the season called Locking. November and December aren’t winter. They’re Locking. Next comes winter, January and February. Boy! Are they ever cold!

What comes next? Not spring. ‘Unlocking’ comes next. What else could cruel March and only slightly less cruel April be? March and April are not spring. They’re Unlocking.”

~ Kurt Vonnegut – from a collection of essays and speeches, “Palm Sunday: Bits of the Collage” (1981)

From left to right above, by Elle Thorkveld, Kate Silver and Quinn.

Art by Pearl Grey, (moi), Wheedle and Klaus.

A winter photo by Veyot on the right.

The park has had a lovely remodel by our gardener, Art Oluja.

Elle Thorkveld created something for the Locking theme, and there are different digital images on both sides.

Digital art by Seraphim Placebo.

Vase by Lynette Trinity.

LiL Mint has done some landscaping around Wanderlust Cafe next door.

Piece by Klaus, There are also some sculptures from Elle Thorkveld’s 2018 Burn2 installation.

On the roof of the cafe is a Locking themed 3D piece I’ve done, once again inspired by somewhat camouflaging banlines from the correctional facility next door.

The ground floor of the gallery contains a vibrant exhibit by Giselle Seeker.

Upstairs, digital art by LiL Mint.

The art park and cafe have been operating in Quentin for over two and a half years. You’re welcome to stop by to view the art, and enjoy the view and the music streams.