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One of my favorite getaways at this time, is Black Bayou Lake in Gainesville. It’s a Louisiana swamp, based on a real place. I’ve not been to the real life place, but I grew up near the Mississippi River; I know a little about the crawling, biting, slithering things in river water.

The sim opened the first week in October. I was fortunate to hear of it then, and took these photos when there were few people around. The windlight is beautiful. These photos have had the exposure lightened for the post, and don’t show the sparkling water and beauty of being immersed in the sim.

My favorite thing about Black Bayou Lake is the outstanding music stream. I also enjoy the birds and other wildlife. They often add a pop of color. There is, of course, a Flickr group. 

Photos in the Flickr group show a variety of light being used.

There are shacks and a houseboat, and plenty of seating for hanging out. I am laying in a hammock, listening to the blues, while I type this post.


The sim was created by Serene Footman and Jade Koltai. It is rated Moderate. The real Black Bayou Lake is located in Ouachita Parish in Louisiana and is part of an 800 acre nature reserve.

You can read more about the inspiration for the sim on the Furillen website.

There’s a guestbook near the landing, but no tipjar or planned events. I don’t know how long the sim will be available, but it won’t be for long.

I’ve found it to be an effective antidote to some days in real life.

You can hear nature sounds as you move around the sim, and also safely wade into the water with your camera.