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In this post I am sharing photos of the work of three of the artists participating in the 1Biennale, currently located on the Metropolis Metaversum grid in opensim. The first five images are of All the Songs We Never Sang by Blue Tsuki.

“All the Songs We Never Sang” is intended as an elegy. It touches on themes of memory and loss…..”

The scope of 1Biennale is huge, and I find it best to first focus on the “artists cubes”, installations created by the participating avatars. Other builder/artists created pavilions. Each pavilion can hold one cube at a time. The pavilions, with selected cubes, can be rezzed whole in “landsets” which contain either two or three of them. They were assembled by Juliette Surreal-D. Juliette also created the landscaping for them. The scripting was done by Art Eames.

Immersing in this installation felt poignant.

In future posts I can show photos of the pavilions and perhaps of the inworld tours.

The second set of five images is of Reflexion by Louis Wu Cyberklon, who is know for his Lichtbringer performances. The floor of the cube glistens, and the animated 3D art swirls around. Juliette added figures to the scene.

I did a little filming here. WizardOz Chrome is making a machinima of the project, which will be available to view. For those who want to know more, there’s a book, Living in a Coded World, and you can look through all the pages online as well as order it or an instant pdf version.

1Biennale is the contribution to the Digital Section IMMERSIVIA of Santorini Biennale 2018, in the real world. The machinima, Touching Reality, by WizardOz Chrome will premiere.

I’ve enjoyed experiencing this project and was pleased to learn there is a CC license for sharing it, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

These photos have been cropped, and I’ve kept the lighting as I viewed it.

Precession is the cube installation by FreeWee Ling. The photo above is a still shot of the swirling ceiling.

The floor is rotating, as well as the spheres.

There are glimpses of images in the spheres and I had to be quick to capture my favorites.

This will be better experienced by viewing the machinima, or better yet, to immerse in it.

A glimpse of the pavilion across from this one can be seen through the open door.

I appreciate the valuable assistance given by Elle Thorkveld so I can do these posts.