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It’s a busy time of year in both lives and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this year’s theme for Burn 2I Robot, as much as I have. One of my favorites is XD Robotics by Daark Gothly and Xiija. You must see the changing expression on the robot faces.

Behind XD Robotics, on the Time Machine sim, is Boxanne by Elle Thorkveld. I would like to include landmarks to each of these builds but it isn’t working for this post.

This year, there are also smaller installations scattered around the playa. The chillbots above, are by Elle Thorkveld.

Another small exhibit shows drawings by Enola Em. Her drawings are done in pencil, pen and ink.

Another build nearby is called Unemployment Line. It’s very large and green.

You can rez an art car and drive inside, or walk. I chose the Root Beer Float to drive; there’s also a Martini car.

At TumbleCat Playground, a small robot kitty chases a colorful ball around. The characters higher up on the structure are spinning around.

Next to the TumbleCat Playground, and across the road from Boxanne is a colorful build by Midori Rotoru.

This build by Kerryth Tarantal is called Therefore I dance. It’s nearby on the Don’t Panic sim.  I’m sharing photos of builds I can photograph more easily but am enjoying the interactive builds.

This build, Dean4225, is further away, in Alkali. It was satisfying for the pleasant time I had sitting with a friend on top of the modular habitat and drinking pixel beer.

Back In “Don’t Panic”, this build is quite beautiful. It has an I Robot Censer, in which you can leave a message. There’s a teleport to easily get up into the center.

In front of the modular habitat in Alkali is a Post-Singularity Sleep Deprived Survival Unit by serra Qendra on which you can pose. The tree that shows up as blue in the  photo is color changing inworld.

Also in Alkali, is the Psy ROBOT build. There are dances and it’s great for photography.

Burn 2 is outstanding this year, (and I had really liked the Da Vinci Burn a couple of years ago). The sense of humor and mostly light-hearted approach to the theme is much appreciated. There are plenty of places to peacefully sit, and also places to dance, which I usually don’t take time to do. (Yes, there’s some lag during times of events.)

I intend to do at least one more post about I Robot, but having fun comes first.