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Close to the water, in the snowlands of Sansara, is a 1520 sq m parcel called Deco Marina. 

The land description: “Vintage boats, ticketmaster, and music. Free canoe rides in snowy canyon river. Music from the 20’s and 30’s. Fireplace scene. Aircraft posters. Sea airport. 52m, 3 mast sail boat.”

Pod boats go by on the river about 17 minutes after the hour; I’m guessing they run every half an hour. I’ve ridden the Pod, and had some trouble as it rounded the coast; it turns into a land pod and returns to the station in Durango.

I’ve also paddled their vintage canoe on the river.

Most of the surrounding parcels are private residences, but there are two public places above the marina, a greenhouse and a snack bar a little above, connected by stairs.

The area looks great at all times of the day and night.