Rev. William J Barber 11, has been awarded a MacArthur Foundation genius grant in recognition of his whole legacy of activism. About the time he was learning of this award, he was being arrested in Chicago, for protesting on behalf of higher minimum wages in front of McDonald’s corporate headquarters.

I have an old school, personal sky gallery on my (group owned) land, Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down Gallery. It is always a work in progress, with random objects I’ve made, plus some quotes that are important to me.

Two such quotes are by Rev. Barber 11. I’ve just made them copyable, if anyone would like them. Yes, there are typos in his name, but there’s enough accuracy that someone could look further into his work.

Sometimes I log on at the gallery, after a day of living my best in a world that desperately needs changing. I stand there and read the current quotes. I kick the balls around. Then, I move onto something uplifting as best I can.