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Lampithaler ~ Naked Pyramid Players

These are some photos, with lightened exposure, of Lampithaler’s artist cube at 1 Biennale in Metropolis. The artist cube was one of three featured on a tour yesterday, out of a total of nine artist cubes. I posted photos of the works of Elle Thorkveld and Rory Torrance in part 1 of this series.

Lampithaler 2

This installation title is Naked Pyramid Players. Again, static photos can’t show the dynamic beauty of the changing lights, animated parts and avatar immersion into the 3D environment.

Some of the focus on my post today is about my experience getting into Metropolis Metaversum. There’s info on creating an account in part 1. (Also, in the first comment for that post, there’s a link to the book about this project.)

Lampithaler 3

Viewer, Account, and Navigation

First, I downloaded the Firestorm Opensim viewer; I don’t use Firestorm in SL. I already had a Metropolis account, and had not logged in for 3 years or so. I had my avatar name, e-mail for the account, and it was straightforward getting a new password. I chose “last location” and arrived at ChapTer Kronfield’s art gallery, which still exists.

Depending on what time you log in, and many other factors, experience can vary. I had trouble finding the 1 Biennale sim on the world map, and I was unable to connect with the region the first few times I attempted it. What worked, was typing VISIT 1Biennale into “region” on the viewer, when logging in.

I obtained a landmark when I landed and have had no further troubles finding the region since. The LM is important because when I venture/fly to the edge of the sim, I get stuck in a limbo and need a LM to get out.

The region next to Visit 1 Biennale is in Onawero. You can see it when you open the world map. The Url changes according to the landsets rezzed. It held the pavilions by Hyde Hackl, Una Ceriaptrix, and Art Eames, that is until WizardOz Chrome changed the landsets for filming purposes. Then the Url was called 1Biennale Citadel PGVB, Onawero.

Lampithaler 4

Tech, Scripts, Etc

The round, clickable prim, to link from inworld to Lampithaler’s page on the 1Biennale website, had not working for me. At the tour yesterday, my AO would or wouldn’t work, seemingly randomly, at different times in different areas. This is fairly typical.

I have found opensim to be run by dedicated volunteers, with busy lives and/or having health or other issues. As we all know, wealth distribution on the planet is messed up; I am not complaining about some frustration I experienced. I believe they are doing their best with what they have available. No one is guaranteed a smooth visit.

Lampithaler 5

The Metropolis tours are available every Thursday in October. More info in part 1. Many of the avatars involved in this project, have been/are active in Second Life. I am simply an interested observer and blogger.

The pages available for viewing on the website have changed again. Right now, there’s a page with an intro about the 1Biennale 2020.