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It’s been almost three and a half months since I last did a post on mainland infrastructure. I’ve been travelling the length of Route 2; it looks like there will be one more post after this one, to finish this route. I ended my last post at Buff Pier.

I stepped off the pier and onto the road, and snapped the above photo to the left. It shows the paving, sign, safety barrier, lights, and bushes. (This series is about infrastructure and I had to tear myself away from investigating a nearby spacecraft.)

Very soon, I arrived in Eggar.

The Eggar Rez Zone is on the left side of the road, in the direction I’m going. I’m impressed with how most of the current parcel owners have used foliage that complements and blends in with what the Moles have planted so very long ago.

Still in Eggar, there’s a safety rail on the left, and further ahead are stone barriers on the sides.

Stone bridge by Garden Mole.

Eggar is quite a long region on this stretch of road. In Tawny, a Bloomin Crate and a bucket of apples have been left by Bloomin Mole on the right side of the road.

Further on, is this bridge. Shortly after, I entered the Stout region.

There’s interesting infrastructure if you keep straight ahead on the road, but I took a sharp right here, for the purpose of staying on Route 2. There’s a stone bench by Bloomin Mole in this small, roadside park.

A little further on are 1 Li dogwood trees by Eric Linden. Anyone can take a copy. (These are also in the inventory library.)

I walked through Ear and into Sallow. There continued to be a variety of trees along the sides of the road.

To remain on Route 2, I took another right, here in Sallow.

Close by you’ll find the Sallow Picnic Spot Rez Zone. “You can Rez your sandwiches here as long as you eat them within 5 minutes!” There is a bottle by Silent Mole that may be over ten years old.

I kept going straight ahead; the road narrows to one lane.

There are a couple of lone telegraph poles on the left side of the road. I took the above snapshot in Satellite, looking back the way I’d come.

A layby wood bench and metal bin by Garden Mole on the left side of the road.

Very soon I arrived at the Satellite Market Rez Zone where I’m ending this journey for today. We are close to the end of Route 2 but there will be things to photograph at the market.