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At the beginning of August, I’d posted about Another Coffee Shop in Pahto, in a small town in the sky, which also had “rooms” decorated by Beatrix, NodesOfYesod, ChrysTeRox, Dawnie Macarthur and Laserskater. Those rooms remain.

Another Town has grown, with more rooms added, plus an exhibit in the  coffee shop.

room by Klaus

I am delighted to see the participation. From the land description:  “17 rooms with views and a coffee shop, friends, art, grunge, storytelling”

The residency gives us space to show our art, create a space to hang out and work, make spaces for visitors to take photos, to write or blog. Road trips have been, and will be, offered.

room by Bijoux LeFevre

Sometimes you can find the residents on location. I like to stop by at least every other day.

room by Neeva Torok

Another Town will be available through the end of October; we can change our rooms as we wish.

room by Pearl Grey

I like to do some of my blogging from here. In the photo above, Veyot and Klaus have stopped by for a chat.

room by Elle Thorkveld

It’s pleasant to spend time pixel-face to pixel-face instead of simply fielding multiple IMs and multi-tasking.

Another Town is in the sky in Pahto, rated Moderate, and the parcel is 4352 sq m.

greenhouse space by Senka Beck

This is the list of participants:

Aemeth Lysette (Cake)
Bijoux Lefevre
Chrysterox (Roxy)
Dawnie MacArthur
Klaus Beryznyak

Neeva Torok
NodesOfYesod Soothsayer
RMarie Beedit
Rottingface (Arrrden)
Senka Beck
Serra Qendra

room by serra Qendra

The exhibit in the coffee shop is called Something Blue and will be up through September.

You’re invited to visit and spend time here.