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Opening today, Cica Ghost’s The Girl Who Cried Wolf is described as “a modification of Aesop’s fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

As always, the sim windlight is important; the music stream is perfect for the installation.  My photos are cropped, the exposure lightened for this post.

There is indeed a wolf; the sheep’s eyes are very expressive.

The sky is gorgeous and fast-moving. I enjoy the accessibility of Cica’s work, as well as hunting for details, such as a bee on a flower.

There are some poses and also sits in out-of-the way places for those who want to linger. 

A wise sheep has taken refuge on higher ground. Birds are watchful.

There are shiny sparkles in some of the trees and rocks.

And Second Life being Second Life, my friend and I noted how we looked there. The light really picked up aspects of my dress, as it did hers, her hair and accessories.