I couldn’t help but noticing the Flickr photos of [Eclectica], even with the minimal time I am on the site. I went to look around for myself and found it to be a beautiful sim. It’s rated Moderate.

From the land description: “Eclectica is back and its A New Dawn! Wind your way through this magical, enchanting and eclectic sim, with secluded romantic spots for dancing or romancing, and wonderful photo opportunities. Bask in the turquoise waters of the Fijian inspired beach.”

It is indeed, wonderful for photography. There are lots of flowers and trees, which are dense in some places. There are open spaces as well, with places to linger.

Many places I visit are sparsely populated; there were lots of avatars at [Eclectica] when I was there and I soon put my camera away.

There are Asian and fantastical aspects to the sim. I was most delighted by the old submarine and ended my visit spending time there, chatting with a friend. I hadn’t seen this submarine in several years and took a peek at the creator’s offerings on the MP.

I took a few more photos.

It’s a beautiful sim, very popular now. I enjoyed sitting and listening to the music stream. Very well done.