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A delightful place to spend some ending-of-summer time, for those of us in the  Northern Hemisphere, is Red’s Mystery Shack. Just off Route 8 in Nagarjuna, on the continent of Satori, it’s an imaginative sim for travelers to hang out.

There’s a lot here, but even with my poor internet connection and low-end laptop, the textures loaded and I was able to move around. The parcel is rated Moderate and there is a 60 minute autoreturn.

“Thank you SO so much for visiting the Shack!

I built the shack as an homage to the roadside attractions I’ve visited over the years. Normally much less mysterious and much more “tourist trap”, these places still always held a certain charm and novelty for me. I hope you feel the same! Please feel free to make yourself at home, go for a swim, do some fishing, even just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. If you take any pics, feel free to share on on our flickr. ”

“Souvenirs are available in the shop for super cheap. My effort at some of the silly little gifts that you can buy at these attractions either as a memento or as something to take home to a loved one. If you are interested in a souvenir and unable to afford one, drop me a line and I would be happy to send it to you. The price isn’t about making money to me–just a way for people to say they “bought” a souvenir.”

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the donations people have provided. Every linden goes toward the 35USD a month land use fee for the Shack. But please know that, donation or not, what means the most to me is that people enjoy what I have created (and continue to work on) for them.”

❤ Willow

From the Land Description: “Experience the Mystery of the Shack! Gravity Defying, Mysterious, Amazing! Stop by our One-Stop for a souvenir, a snack, or to top off your fuel. NTBI, GFS, RoxOil, gtfo,7 seas, fishing, weird, roadside, tourist trap.”

I enjoyed the nature sounds; crickets, birds and such added to an amusing, immersive experience.