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Cica Ghost’s newest sim installation, Daydream, opened to the public two weeks ago today. This is my favorite installation by her in quite some time; I’m pleased that I’ve not only been able to visit several times, but I’m able to post about it before it closes. I am guessing it will be open at least two more weeks.

The windlight is beautiful; there’s a restful, soft, surreal atmosphere, accented by brightly colored flowers and delightful characters.

The ground is sprinkled with daisies, mushrooms, and fantastical creatures. There are poses and animations to aid avatars in including themselves in photos.

There are some familiar favorites; cats, birds, a materials-sparkling dragon can be found with a thorough exploration.

I’ve seen enjoyable photos on various media of this installation. A favorite is a Vimeo called A Lucky Day at Daydream, by Veyot, just a little over two minutes in length.