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I’ve revisited Rusted Farm several times since it opened July 6th. It’s the latest installation by Terrygold and has an ecological theme. Environmental damage and pollution is a serious subject. The installation is beautiful though and I was delighted to find the use of prims.

The arrival point is an underwater tunnel where you can adjust windlight settings according to suggestions received by clicking on a British flag for English or the Italian flag.

I use the Lab viewer, and kept it on region setting. I happened to take these photos at night; they’ve been cropped and the exposure lightened.

Opposite the settings info, is thanks, in English or Italian, for friendship and collaboration on the project: Melania (melaniabis) for photos and articles on environmental degradation, Vincenzo Daxtor for translation of texts, Jill Agresti for the script, Solkide Auer for help and encouragement, and Annalisa Mullaina for photos and organization.

Mutant creatures, appearing to be made of trash, swim in the tunnel just past pictures and info on oil and plastics degradation to our world.

Further on, you walk past rusty barrels with blobs of oil on top of the water. A ladder to the field is at the end of the tunnel.

The field looks great in any light; there are small brightly colored flowers among the grain stalks. At night, the glowing lights of some of the creatures are very effective.

There are pipes in the field; animated and flying rusted forms are scattered about the landscape.

The installation is located at SOLO ARTE – Arte e Cultura di SL in Casvian Caye, a Moderate sim. The land description:  “Solo Arte is an initiative for the encouragement, diffusion and promotion of art in Second Life.”

Walking up a pipe near the back wall, there’s a door that leads into a behind-the-scenes, industrial polluting area.

Again, a serious subject and the composition, constructs, lighting and textures are beautiful.