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Like many other parts of the mainland, Route 8 has had many changes along the road during the last few months. I happened upon this stretch of highway after visiting a dystopian sim with a friend. We’d seen photos on Flickr, teleported in to explore, and then noticed on the world map that it was on the continent of Satori. We decided to see if we could walk across abandoned land to the road; yes, we could.

There is always a gentle rain on the 512 parcel shown in the photo above, just off Route 8 in Granville.

It soon became apparent that this part of Route 8 has many places welcoming to the public although there are private homes too. I saw a gacha resale and several service stations.

Shown above is Mustang Trading Post, Maplegrove.

Shown above, the Garden Cafe “Familia Loca”, in Milaniovic. There’s a bicycle rezzer near the road.

There’s also a bike rezzer at Yankee Truck Stop in Zvjaginsev.

A 256 sq m parcel in Ibranic, #BardDesire#, is open to the public.

There are facilities on a tiny parcel in Nagarjuna; it’s actually a prim farm. I first wanted to do this post because of an interesting place across the road that had film and photography sets. It’s now under construction by the same owner.

We’re ending today at Red’s Mystery Shack.  It’s an interesting place with a group joiner for The Drivers of SL. I have a few photos taken here for another post.