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There’s another week to see the current exhibit La Maison d’Aneli; it’s open until the 16th. Entering the gallery, you’ll see 2D work by Barbara Borromeo; walking towards the back, you’ll find a teleport to Cherry Manga’s exhibit. The photo above is of the Cherry Manga installation.

Cherry Manga was one of the first artists I became aware of when I rezzed into SL. It took a while for me to notice art in world; this may have been in 2012 or 2013.

The next time I saw the work of Cherry Manga was on the FrancoGrid in opensim. ( I used Firestorm Opensim viewer and explored several grids and even blogged about it several years ago. )

The 3D exhibit here is animated and dynamic; you walk into it and watch the movement from all angles.

Cherry Manga’s bio includes info about Fest’Avi on FrancoGrid and there’s a blog link.

Several free avatars are offered. A reminder, these photos cannot possibly do justice to the installation.

The 2D art pieces of Barbara Borromeo are a lovely complement to the 3D art of Cherry Manga.

Barbara Borromeo is an interior designer and artist in Milan. She has paintings and sculptures in an inworld gallery and on the Marketplace according to her bio.  She builds, landscapes and designs sims, houses, and clubs. She doesn’t speak English and has an inworld English speaking friend and agent.

Again, this exhibit is open until August 16.