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Here’s a cool collaborative project on the mainland that I like: Another Coffee Shop in Pahto.

The 4224 sq m parcel is rated Moderate. From the land description: “coffee shop, rooms with views, art, grunge, privacy
Now located in the sky!”

by Beatrix


The owner, Veyot, rezzed a compact, grungy city with a coffee shop and gallery rooms. One day she looked at her contact list of the avatars who were online at the time, offered one of five rooms to decorate, and the first five to respond got a space to work with.

by NodesOfYesod

The results are splendid; a fun project indeed.

by ChrysTeRox

By the way, I’m aware that some things simply do not rez for me on my viewer, so apologies for anything missing in the photos.

by Dawnie Macarthur

There are poses for photography in the compact city in the sky; a teleporter leads to a park area on the  ground.

by Laserskater

The above photo does not show the whole room; watch out.

Once again, I’m appreciative of those who create these sorts of sims for people to participate in and visit in our world.