As shown in the photo above, July 23 is the 11th anniversary of Kowloon.

I had a pleasant wander all over the sim on Sunday, the 22nd and wore the HUD for the selfie event. (I am guessing it had begun.) When you click the board you receive a folder containing a HUD in English and in Japanese. The instructions are simple enough but I failed totally in finding the locations. I don’t regret my time exploring.

Whenever I spend time here, I can see that the sim has had attention; some things change. There are lots of shops, bars and restaurants. The residential areas are off limits and that can be confusing.

One apartment area has a Siamese Guard Cat meowing a warning. In other areas text appears in local, whispering that the area is private.

There are some teleports that appear to be public and I guess most of them are. A few that look like postal boxes lead to private residences.

At one point, I discovered I had been ejected into Kowloon jail, which is simply being dumped in the water near the sim edge. Fortunately I could teleport back into Kowloon and continue my exploration.

Kowloon is a wonderful place to explore and take photographs and there are items to shop for that aren’t found anywhere else. I got a couple of chairs from a gacha this last visit.

Happy Anniversary Kowloon! May you have many more.