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Wanderlust Art Truck 2018 has been invited for a summer residency at Placebo Holdings in Jormungandr, Jeogeot. 

The Truck was very active in 2017, involving travel, parties and documentation. There are about 14 videos on my vimeo channel, including some travelling films. This year, Second Life is very different, as indeed Real Life is.

It brought a smile to my face when Seraphim Placebo invited us to set up the Truck once again. A call for art donations was sent out.

My colleague, Klaus Bereznyak, and I obtained the use of a crane to life the truck and the container packed with art into the lovely park setting.

There are interesting pieces that were donated, plus some pieces from our private collections. There’s no theme, in keeping with the spirit of Art Truck; it’s about creativity, fun and community.

A soft opening was held on Sunday, July 15. Seraphim wasn’t unable to attend; Tee and s4nura, two Gynoids, represented her and greeted visitors.

Art by Elle Thorkveld and Wheedle.

From left to right, a 3D piece I created; propped up against the Truck door is art by Klaus. Shown inside the container: art by Veyot, serra Qendra and Beatrix.

Upper left corner is a 2D piece by Amy Inawe; the crystal lamp is by Isadora Alaya. Against the hedge, art by Nino Vichan.

By Lil Mint.

The public is welcome to wander the grounds beyond the Art Truck area.

When you wander out and across the road, you’ll find PlaceboLand, a wonderful space to explore.  And down the road is New Placebo Gallery, with photos by Seraphim focused on Gynoids.

Above is a view in the Fantasy Garden.

I’ve just learned that Seraphim Placebo is also hosting a portrait photograph competition. The portraits must be taken in one of three areas. All entries will be hung on the wall in the “old garden” and the winners will be hung in her gallery.  First prize – L$ 2000; Second prize L$ 1000, Third prize L$ 500.

There are teleporters and big pink arrows to aid you in finding your way around after wandering from the Art Truck landing area, where the contest poster with instructions is located.

I will link to Seri’s blog post about the contest when it is available.