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Having opened mid-June in an informal manner, No Cubbyhole is currently exhibiting at Shop 14 Gallery in Kowloon. I was pleased to be invited to create three digital pieces, specifically for this location by the proprietor, RMarie Beedit. The 192 sq m shop, located in the maze of Kowloon businesses, also holds a Tiki bar and an electronics shop on the ground floor.

From the artist statement:  “The works represent 3 of an infinite number of facets for the interaction dynamics of those incarnated in service to the mutation of the collective consciousness rather than being here for the community or tribe. The tendency is for these individuals to be lost in the group, viewed as being useful in one niche, delegated to one cubbyhole or limited role, usually as gofer or scullery maid, and expected to silently endure the gross inefficiencies of said tribe or community.”

I don’t know the closing date of the exhibit. Art sales go directly to support the gallery space.