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Horizons looks to be mostly residential to me. I’ve spent a little time there, mostly wandering around or visiting the Cafe D’Art when it was in existence. In Horizons Andromeda, Coping Mechanisms, is a 1024 parcel well worth exploring.

Some of the stacked storage containers are open. There are carefully chosen items stashed inside. Outside, you can bounce on the trampoline, with a miniature cardboard house and a giant avocado nearby.

An opening in the fence allows you to wander over to the parcel next door, owned by the group, Innocent Young Throat-Cutters.

The land description:  “Escapist loner shoving inevitables and unspeakables behind the clutter of nostalgic blah.”

These photos were taken with the windlight of the sim; Andromeda is A rated.

Click on things when you’re there.

Coping Mechanisms is the creation of Art Oluja; those familiar with her work will recognize remnants of some previous installations.

Some art pieces from her personal collection are on view as well.

When you arrive, you may want to grab a landmark for your inventory.

The LM is to aid your escape from the padded room, should you choose to wander in. Enable media for an immersive experience. Be patient; media usually doesn’t work for me and I found this worth any wait.

The padded room was originally installed in the opening exhibit at the club/gallery/refuge, Blush Response.