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Montara Bridge Works Gallery presents Glitching LEA by Elle Thorkveld (May – July 2018)

Glitching LEA is an exhibit of glitches of SL photographs taken at various LEA sims. Glitches were done in a variety of styles. All photographs were taken by Elle on her travels.

Sims photographed are:

LEA2 ASTEROPOLIS by Rory Torrance
LEA9 Sugar Pop! by Suzan Juel Resistance
LEA18 Existence In Balance JenniferMay Carlucci & Falkon Wickentower
LEA15 Split Screen Installation Space, Dissected Soul by Theda Tammas , curated by Dividni Shostakovich
LEA21 Light Thoughts 3 by Mario2 Helstein
LEA19 The Mind of the Machine by Rage Darkstone
LEA19 Art Rocket by Betty Tureaud
LEA14 Fragments of a Forest by Thickbrick Sleaford & Blue Mikado
LEA7 Big Data by Moewe Winkler & ChapTer Kronfeld

From Elle’s bio:

“Artist focusing on generative and glitch digital art and music. Enjoys creating SL sculpture, installations and experimental machinima. SL and RL photographer. RL mixed media artist.

Work focuses on the use of color, novel combinations, movement, randomness & unpredictability.”