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There’s a couple of weeks left to see the current exhibit at the art park and cafe in Quentin. The installation in Quinn’s birdhouse gallery is called Heavenly Beachside by serra Qendra.

Virtual photography by Seraphim Placebo graces the fence on the Cafe side of Wanderlust. The story behind the art can be found on her Kind-hearted Avatar blog.

The Cafe and courtyard are open 24/7. The Cafe rooftop displays an untitled diorama by yours truly.

Upstairs in the gallery building is works by lil mint.

On the ground floor, art by Giselle Seeker.

The 3D piece on the  left is by serra Qendra; you can sit inside it. The decor piece on the  right is by Lynette Trinity.


On the park side, the goat that keeps the grass mowed looks like he’s been through a blueberry patch. The piece propped up against the stone fence is by Klaus Bereznyak and contains a notecarded essay titled “Making Assumptions” written by him.

The RL photograph is by Adrianna Biziou.

Shown left to right, art by lil mint, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and baker Bloch.

A digital rendering I did of myself and Alice Lancaster.

On the left, a piece by Wheedle; he has been changing his work every month instead of every two. Next, colorful art by Klaus and by Veyot.

On the left, a piece by Art Oluja. The 2D art on the right is by serra Qendra.

If you’d like to show some of your art in July and August, please contact Pearlgrey resident.