Oh, the small pleasures in life. This is me, having just crossed the finish line in Kowloon’s Kart Ride. There were no other avatars in the immediate area and I drove really, really cautiously. The vehicle steering works very well; I received a kart to keep for having finished.

There are some objects on the track. Some appear to be for decor or interest; others seem to affect the vehicle if touched. I am truly surprised that I was successful on the first attempt. While being intrepid, I usually don’t do well at this sort of thing, not caring to waste time and energy.

The instructions are simple. Everything is straightforward, except for the track which isn’t overly lengthy.

Afterwards, I test drove my kart through Applewood on Route 10 and it does very well on mainland roads.

The textures are beautiful and the kart has a satisfying sound. The smaller version is included in the photo above.

If you’d like to participate, the starting line is near Kowloon Gate Reborn.