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When we left off looking at Route 2 infrastructure here, we were in Fillip. I didn’t seem to cover a lot of road on this trip but there was a lot to photograph. There are builds on both sides of almost the whole length of Route 2 that I traveled; where there is not, there are plenty of trees, bushes, flowers and road signs.

After Fillip, there were one or two steps in Brindle and then I was in Ranunculus. I turned back to snap this photo of the median with alternating street lights by Alberto Linden and palm trees by Eric Linden.

In Seraphim the paving changes and the median ends with a speed bump, foliage and lamps.

In Ginsberg, there’s a Victorian Letter Box set into a retaining wall by Garden Mole. Right now there are numerous, some very large, parcels for sale on the mainland. Unlike in the fairly recent past, there are also many new builds; the roadside in this and other areas I’ve noticed recently are filling in.

Pictured above is a crosswalk in Ginsberg.

In previous posts in this series, I’ve focused on the infrastructure and avoided many of the current buildings in the background but it wasn’t really possible on this trip. Shown above is the Ginsberg Rez Zone.

After a brief walk through Burnott, the paving changes again in Quaker.

Just before the Valerian Rez Zone, there’s a guard rail on the left side of the  road.

The Valerian Rez Zone has the usual bench, trash bin and in addition, a barrel.

Soon I arrived at an intersection with benches and a tree in the middle. The road to the right soon becomes unpaved, leading through some rough terrain among random buildings. I kept going straight ahead on Route 2.

This bridge is in Buff.

Right after the bridge, there’s a retaining wall on the left side of the road.

There is an opening in the retaining wall with steps leading down to Buff Pier.

There are benches on the pier, which stretches out on both sides of the picnic area.

These are plenty of photos so I will continue my travel another day.