The 13th annual Raglan Shire Art Walk continues through June 17th.  Raglan Shire is Second Life’s Tiny Community, “Friendship & Creativity, powered by waffles!”. 

The beautiful work by Masako, shown above, are some of my favorites. There is a bio on the hedge and the SLurl will take you to the location. I’ve intended all the SLurls in this post to take you to the location of the art shown.

There are over 100 artists participating; some exhibit only at this event. I enjoy learning of artists unknown to me and appreciate when they include bios and landmarks to any galleries where they show their work.

There are a variety of mediums, including real life images like the work of John Bieriot.  

The call for art goes out around mid-April each year and is open to everyone. I have enjoyed participating the previous three years. I have found the designated community staff are helpful to exhibiting artists.

Above, work by Talia Swansong.

Layachi IHNEN also has an amazing Second Life gallery.

You can begin on foot, starting from any of the SLurls here and return several times since there is so much to see. Then you can catch a ride on the hedgiepillar, (hedge/caterpillar) to discover areas you likely missed previously.  There are also colorful teleport boards and other means of transportation such as the slingshot.

Original digital art by Hadiya Draper.

Again, these SLurls are for the locations of the art shown in the photos, accurate through June 17th.

The Raglan Shire community is represented by some of its artists; shown above is IndigO’s Tiny Portraits.

One of my favorite areas is located around the work of SecondHandTutti, shown above. This is a 3D sculpture based on the RL, 1999 piece by Niki De Saint Phalle titled Ricardo Cat. It is located in Laumeier Sculpture Park, St Louis, MO.

In the same area, Drusilla Gwind’s art.

Also nearby, Briawinde Magic.

~ Asmita Duranjaya

I like viewing the 3D areas on midnight setting. The wonderful cultural pieces displayed on the structure by Asmita Duranjaya are available for purchase. There is info about the historic Bactriana culture in Central Asia, and also a gift.

~ Elle Thorkveld

Nearby, 3D pieces by digital artist, Elle Thorkveld.

~ Tea Gupte

There is surely something at Raglan Shire Art Walk to please almost everyone. I soon put my camera away and simply wandered, checking things out.

Shown above, paintings by Tea Gupte, who also has some great cat portraits.