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Recently I revisited Spirit Lounge (Shop 14) in Kowloon after a remodel by the shop owner, RMarie Beedit. The tiki lounge is a great example of what one can do with 192 sq m; it’s also a great beginning point to wander Kowloon.

The landing point is in a narrow alley between two shops. Spirit Lounge has an electronics store connected to it, shown in the right of the above photo. The Kitty Shrine is available for purchase. The lounge can be accessed via the passageway with the blue light.

The lounge has two levels; the bar is on the ground floor.

Climbing the winding staircase, you’ll find carefully selected decor.

The two metallic looking symbols on the wall were created by the lounge owner.

The minimal environment is relaxing and soothing.

The care lavished on the lounge hasn’t extended to the electronics shop connected to it. It needs a good scrubbing and disinfecting.  (We do love our grunge.)

I wanted to purchase the old television set for a vignette installation and managed to do so by sitting in the chair and camming into the glass case, as experienced shoppers know.