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It was two months ago today that I last posted in my virtual infrastructure series; I ended then in Consular on Route 2 on the Atoll. Continuing on pixel feet, I focused my attention mostly on the road paving, trees and other foliage, rez zones and signs. This is as it was in early May, 2018.

The sea was on the left, rolling hills on the right and the road was gently curving left and right.

I walked through the regions of Huckleberry, Mournful and Hummingbird.

The Hummingbird Rez Zone is a long, narrow strip on the left side of the road in the direction I was walking.

I walked through the regions of Pandorus and Hydrangea. In Hydrangea, the Bridge Road shown on the right above, branches off into a higher road.

Looking back at Bridge Road.

I traveled through the regions of Pandorus, Yucca and Ambrosia. Very soon after entering Yucca the road changed to wooden planks with posts for guard rails on the left. The direction of the planks changed several times.

The Ambrosia Rez Zone is shown in the above photo.

Just a little further on the road became wider again on the right, with wooden guard posts and the old shed by Bloomin Mole.

In time, I arrived at a corner on the coast, the Fillip Rez Zone. On the left of the photo above, a long dock leads down to the sea.

A Pod route is located here; the pod morphs into a boat and sails to the right, which seems the best way to go by sea. It is tricky to rez a small boat and banlines are horrific on both sides of the route to the right. I don’t know how it is to sail to the left.

But we are focusing on the infrastructure of Route 2 and will continue the trip another day, on the road shown in the right of the above photo.