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Located in Horizons Ariel, Cafe D’Art is a lovely coffee shop with an art collection in the sky accessed via teleporter.

A Pairs Game Table has been added since I took these photos. There are quite a few cats in the cafe as well as in the art collection gallery above.

Land description:  “The Queen of Ariel is proud to display the semi-famous art of her friends in this cafe and on the sky level. (Take TP). If you find the Queen, you can take a copy.”

This location has gone through several transformations, both in the sky and on the ground.

I really like the building. The cafe owner told me it had been a group gift years ago; it is by Pho Vanternatt and called “greenhouse skybox”.

Currently there is a glowey pink cube under the stairs shown in the right of the photo above which will take you to a bandcamp webpage for a newly released EP.    

There is a dance machine located in the flower painted on the wall behind the counter.

Horizons Ariel is located in an A rated region.