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It began as a spontaneous whim on a 512 plot in Quentin, to have a space for a few avatars to show their current works since Wanderlust Project at the motel at Lollygaggers was closing. The land was claimed April 17 and the proposal for me to take care of the art space came soon after via IM. At that time I was way more likely to answer yes to suggestions than I am today.

Poppy art is in Quinn’s birdhouse, mostly digital art by Klaus Bereznyak plus a few pieces from his collection. (The portrait shaped hollyhocks picture in the center above is by me.)

In the loft space above are more poppy pictures from his collection, from left to right a photo by me, photo by Klaus and an acrylic on canvas pieces by Sisi Biedermann.

Two years ago there was a red lighthouse nearby, then none; now there is a lighthouse again. The art photo in the center, (not very well lit in this picture), is by Kimika Ying who has contributed pieces from her travels and some creations from her New Babbage workshop, Ying Industries, over the past two years.

Two days after Wanderlust Art Park quickly came into being, on April 19th, Saul Goodie purchased the larger parcel where Wanderlust Cafe is located along with gallery space indoors and out. There were numerous parcels for sale in the area after the large Poppyport group split up.

The suggestion for this March and April outdoor space was to display pieces loosely around the theme of moods of spring. In the photo above are 2D pieces by myself, Elle Thorkveld’s in the back/center and Lil Mint on the right.

The section of the wooden fence by the path from the cafe to the park holds destination posters to other art spaces on the grid and a current piece by Art Oluja.

Art by ChrysTeRox, serra Qendra, Wheedle, Klaus Bereznyak and Veyot.

Again from left to right, digital art by myself (Pearl Grey inworld), Lil Mint, screen by Lynette Trinity, digital art by Elle Thorkveld and collage by baker Bloch.

An RL photo of a recent snowfall by Adrianna Biziou is exhibited on the right. The digital art by Klaus leaning against the fence contains a timely philosophical quote on a notecard. A collection of previous pieces can be found on the back fence here.

Walking back to Wanderlust Cafe, you’ll see Seraphim’s portraits of Gynoids and also posters of galleries, events and exhibits.

The brightly colored flowers are by Tubal Amiot from private collections and the vase in the right of the photo is by Lynette Trinity.

Friday da 13th by Lil Mint, (the tall piece), has appeared in the last few days.

With more seating inside the Cafe and on the roof, this  is a pleasant place to linger for a while. The highly intrusive banlines from the Correctional Facility next door have been dialed back, thankfully. The piece shown in the upper center above is by serra Qendra.

The ground floor of the gallery holds 2D and 3D art by Giselle Seeker. One of the posters on the fence contains an easy teleport to her well-curated collection of art in Hughes.

And on the floor above are digital works by Lil Mint.

There are no plans for a celebratory gathering because….life; we’d love for you to visit. And we intend to have another exhibit for May and June.