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For an amusing change I’ve visited Tralala’s Diner several times recently. I was persistent; I’ve had increasingly poor internet connectivity plus my laptop and graphics are not great.

The first time I visited only a few things rezzed. (This happens other places too.) What worked was to go when I had a good block of time and a friend to chat with while I waited for textures to load.

There is an amazing amount of detail.  

And a Flickr group for your photos. You can IM Tralala Loordes, the sim creator, to rez things for picture taking.

Some of the homes are quite comfortable for a dystopian sim. Cats appear to have best survived the apocalypse but there are plenty of things for humans to have interesting lives.

Land description: “Post-Apocalyptic Living at It’s Finest – Hong Kong Rooftop Slums, Tokyo Piss Alley, Backwoods Road, Ruins, Outdoor Movie, Apocalypse, Asian, Photo Op Sim” 

I find it worth the struggles my tech has to spend some time wandering around and snapping pictures.