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The February through April exhibit at Montara Bridge Works Gallery is Contours by Klaus Bereznyak.

“The pictures in this series came about because I was curious about how monochrome pictures shaded by depth rather than color within Second Life could be used artistically, and I wanted to explore digital techniques for imitating real life materials, especially collaged paper and fabrics. I have always been seduced by the simplicity of silhouettes.”

“These works are therefore the by-product of playful experimentation, manipulating inworld photography in Gimp. Reducing pictures to silhouettes and outlines has been a meditative process of trying to find and keep the essence of an image while simplifying it.”

“Textures bring our virtual world to life: a well textured prim beats a badly textured mesh creation any day (to my mind at least). The most satisfying textures seem to find a sweet middle ground of “virtual real” that is neither photo-real or cartoonish. I wanted these pictures to look like they belonged in SL. Some of the textures incorporated are handmade, and others are full perm freebies or culled from public domain sources.”
Klaus Bereznyak
Klaus is a valued contributor to Wanderlust Bench Art Park and the curator of
Shoshin Acres Art Space. He has exhibited at Chelsea Gallery 23 and The Cultured Goats Gallery, participated in numerous collaborations and group projects and is a freelance contributor to SL Newser.