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It’s been exactly three months since I left off exploring Route 2 on Heterocera which I posted about here.  In some ways it seems like a very short time ago, in other ways it feels like my human has lived a lifetime since then.

We begin again at the rez zone in Manduca.

Some of these photos will look similar but the route is interesting with signs of life on the left, along the coast. This post is about the infrastructure; so the bench and trash bin by Garden Mole appear here, rather than the mansion on the left.

Still in Manduca, there’s a retaining wall on the right. I like seeing that the land is not jagged and irregularly chopped up like so many areas of the mainland.

The road and retaining wall continue into Modesta. Moving into Girdier, there’s much more vegetation on the right and a rez zone on the left near a Bikers Bar.

The road paving changes for a bridge. There are lamps by Garden Mole along the sides.

Still in Girdier, this space on the right is not a rez zone or pod stop; there’s no bench or trash bin. There are many occupied residences on the left, quite a few with banlines.

Moving into Echo, the paving changes briefly for a raised area in the road.

Still in Echo, there’s a bench where one can stop and enjoy the sea view.  The cave on the left of the photo holds a club; the place on the right is also open to the public.

A rez zone in Echo.

Next you pass through Dahana, then Scoopwing.

An old wood seat by Bloomin Mole just before entering Sedge.

There are several areas with trees and benches on the right where you can pause and view the sea.

Still in Sedge, we turned left to continue Route 2. There is a small park.

The road right is the Inland Cutoff where you would shortly see a pod station if you’re tired of walking or driving.

The rez zone in Oakworm.

The appearance of the road changes while still in Oakworm and on into Consular.

And here is where we end our journey for now, in Consular, where the wood plank road changes back to stone paving.