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The avatars that share their work at Wanderlust Bench Art Park have once again, without a theme, come through with art that works well together.

The destination posters, shown on the left, have dwindled in number as places have closed. New destinations have opened but North Keswick Press is producing other projects at this time.

From left to right is art by Veyot, Pearl Grey, serra Qendra and Wheedle.

From left to right, by Klaus, ChrysTeRox and SAUL GOODIE.

Photography by Adrianna Biziou.

Decorative screen by Lynette Trinity, digital art by Elle Thorkveld and collage by baker Bloch.

Every two months Klaus provides an artwork containing a notecard with a timely philosophical quote.

For Quinn’s Bird House a suggestion was made to display a collection of photos taken at Cica’s Bird People sim. Photographers are serra Qendra, Veyot, Pixel Crescendo, Klaus Bereznyak, Kimika Ying, Beatrix and Pearl Grey.

On the Cafe and Art Park Extension side are posters for exhibits and also SL photography by Seraphim Placebo on the right.

Decorative pottery on the right by Lynette Trinity. The Cafe courtyard and rooftop is displaying 3D pieces brought out of storage that will be recognizable to many.

Giselle Seeker has a colorful exhibit of 2D and 3D pieces on the ground floor of the gallery.

Upstairs displays digital art by SAUL GOODIE.

Works shown will change for March/April.