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The virtual Formosa in Second Life is based on The Formosa Cafe at Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. The sim is wonderfully created on a 4096 parcel in Bon Temps (Adult) by Gardenia Malheur.

Near the landing there’s a group joiner for notifications about parties. You can dress up, but don’t have to. There have been two events that I know of, one spontaneous and I enjoyed both. Those who know me, understand I usually don’t like virtual parties and club events but I found these worthwhile. Of course, The Formosa can be visited anytime.

You can find a Youtube clip of a scene in L A Confidential that was filmed at The Formosa Cafe. The real life location can also be seen in Swingers, Still Breathing, The Majestic and an episode of Bosch.

The real life restaurant and bar was founded in 1925. During the last decade some drama with closings, unpopular remodeling, restorations and re-openings have occurred. The Formosa is expected to open again this year; you can find a menu on the website. 

On the sim, upstairs and in the back of the building, are facilities for ladies and gents. There are vending machines for cigarettes and condoms.

There are lots of details.

You walk through the room in the above two photos to go outside from the restaurant.

Outside is a Tiki bar, a dance floor and a pool where pugs are floating.

The Formosa Cafe.