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The latest two month exhibit at Wanderlust Art Park will be ending around the time of the New Year. This year it hasn’t snowed in Quentin but there are some Christmas decorations around as of a few days ago.

From left to right above, art by Veyot, SAULGOODIE, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and baker Bloch.

This experiment is over a year and a half in. It’s been interesting; I don’t consider myself a “curator”; mostly I do the communication and documenting. There aren’t themes but somehow things seem coherent, at least in my eyes.

Shown above is a real life photography by Adrianna Biziou, sculpture by Silas Merlin and a piece by Art Oluja.

There are times in any project when things seem to be kind of tedious or unclear but I like to make sure I’m not quitting too soon. To spice things up this year I, and my colleague Klaus, took the Wanderlust Art Truck on the road, had a lot of fun and met some great avatars.

A few months ago serra Qendra began building and installing on land near the park in Hookton. It keeps changing and has been an exciting and welcome addition to the neighborhood. The above photo is of * binary *. The parcel is now in Post Binary.

I doubt many could say this has been an easy, fair or smooth year. It makes it more meaningful for me to see avatars continue to create as best they can, with what they have and where they are. As the bumper sticker reminds us, “earth without art is just eh”.

Shown above is an image by Klaus, one in a series that contains a notecard with a very timely quote.

It’s been interesting in a lab-like way, to experience the various approaches and attitudes of other avatars, those who participate here and those who have been asked to and have declined. There are those who see this as an opportunity for showing their work and for some community. Others have behaved as thought it would be doing a big favor on their part and that this would be beneath them. Of course, there are all sorts of reasons and illogical, mysterious “reasons”.  In my eyes, actual talent isn’t the indicator.

Show above, from left to right, work by ChrysTeRox, serra Qendra, Kimika Ying, Wheedle and Klaus.

As a visual to remind myself to go for more balance in my life, I installed a small exhibit, called All the Legs, in the Bird House. A notecard in the poster shown in the right of the above photo has a statement. One of my digital artworks as well as two pieces by others from my collection are shown as well.

At the adjacent Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Extension the weather is still lovely. There is outdoor and indoor cafe seating and I like to spend time here. It looks like I’m “working on something” and maybe I am sometimes.

The rusty sculpture is by Elle Thorkveld and is now a base for holiday decor the rest of the year. The vase is by Lynette Trinity.

Climbing the stairs to the roof above the cafe you’ll find more seating plus some pieces that several of us had at Radical Rituals, Burn 2 this year.

On the fence, the collection of posters for events and exhibits is fairly well kept up to date as are the destination posters further down towards the park. It isn’t always so on the mainland.

The digital art piece in the right of the photo is by Seraphim Placebo (Chris Attwell) who has been doing an exciting expansion of her art collection gallery.

The lower level of the building in the extension usually holds work by several avatars but it also makes a great solo exhibit room. This round, Giselle Seeker is showing her colorful pieces. And we enjoy having Silas Merlin’s blue elephant there.

The upper level of the building holds Art by Saul, a changing exhibit of digital art by SAULGOODIE who provides the Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Extension for the public and participating artists to enjoy.

I’d also like to thank Quinn Leilani for sharing the Wanderlust Bench Art Park with us and Klaus for his assistance.

Thanks for visiting in 2017 and for your continued interest in what we’re doing in this little spot on the grid.