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This past week I’ve enjoyed several explorations at The Haze by Silas Merlin and CK Ballyhoo. At the landing there is a signpost indicating the direction to the installation. You can pick up a map and The Haze Torch. It’s recommended to keep the windlight, which I did. These photos are cropped only, except for a few I also softened a little.

“A collaboration between Silas, CK and Cybele, incorporating mesh sculptures, sketches, paintings, textures and storytelling to create a sim wide experience.”

Cybele Moon recorded the story by CK and you can hear her lovely voice whispering as you wander the sim. You can hear the chapters when you are near the small, round story signs. (Have sounds enabled.) Clicking on the signs, you can collect the chapters. You can also read the story on CK’s blog post here.

“There are additional stories in the other round signs, giving a bit more depth to certain Haze characters.”

The sign post at the landing also has teleports to a souvenir shop and to CK’s Gallery which has a personal collection of work by SL artists. The souvenir shop offers work by CK and Silas, including some of the builds seen in the installation.

After wandering around the village, you can ride a Petrified Dragon to fly further up for some wonderful views. Touch the Dragon rezzer, turn off your AO, sit on the invisiprim on the Dragon’s back  and type “start” in local. Avatar flying is allowed too.

There is more color in some places in the sim wide installation.

The Haze is located at Storybrooke which is adult rated.

It’s rewarding to explore all the nooks and crannies of the buildings.

Silas made the suggestion to CK to use his new builds and sketches to form a story.

More from the invitation notecard:  “Darker than anything they’ve either done before, the story turned into a nightmare. A nightmare for Elle, the main character who you may know from the previous stories and installations ‘A Watercolour Wander’ and ‘The Forest Beyond’.

Using Silas’s new digital sketches and the ruins and creatures he has created, a world started to form. Slowly the scenes that would play part in the little girl’s nightmare came to life. Dream Trees were added to show the inspirational sketches. And, in the way that makes a co-production so amazing, the story led to new builds, characters, sketches and paintings to be created by Silas and CK!”

There is a Flickr group for photos taken here.