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Continuing my Route 2 journey on Heterocera Atoll near where I left off here, I begin again where the road makes a sharp turn to the left in Emmelia.

Not to much further the Jota Rezzing Area is found on the left of the road.

There are many ferns and shrubs along the road as well as a few barrels and old telegraph poles by Garden Mole. Through Algira there seems to be a lot of ranching and farming going on.

There’s a rest stop on the right in Algira.

A little further on the road begins to hug the coastline more closely. The above photo was taken in Togata.

Bridge in Togata.

The road changes a little further on.

There’s a rez zone in Togata. Pods stop here.

In the photo above, you can see a bench to the right. Perhaps to ponder whether you want to enter the tunnel or not.

The road paving changes again. On the left of the road, more signs warn of deep water.

This is what it looked like above the tunnel.

Entering the tunnel, I found myself in Moma. There were huge spiders. I soon found my self in Tiger when I exited.

There were several lights and a bench along the road.

The wood plank road curves around the land, still in Tiger.

There’s a guardrail made by Bloomin Mole and set up by Garden Mole on the right. Very briefly, I took a few steps in Congrua.

A few steps further on, in Manduca, there’s a rez zone. This shot is looking back the way I just walked.

Until next time.