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Virtual Artefacts is the November exhibit at interstellART AiR Gallery. it’s a wonderful collection of generative and glitch process art by Elle Thorkveld; some of the pieces are animated including parts of the 3D sculpture shown in the photo above.

The region light is shown in the photo above and perhaps you’ll find it the best to view the art. I chose sunrise setting on the Lab viewer for the purpose of blog photos.

The exhibit opened on November 5th when I believed it to run through the end of the year. I am disappointed to learn that it is closing sometime during the last week of November.

“Virtual Artefacts is a colorful exploration of creative 2D and 3D digital work produced using generative and glitch processes. Many artworks were created by iteratively using multiple techniques on the same file. Some works were further processed using Dreamscope software which uses AI techniques to create interesting artistic effects.”

“Generative art is a form of art which relies on an autonomous system for some of the artistic decisions. In this case, using computer software to develop the art and to randomly select some of the features of the work. Glitch work focuses on the introduction of error for creative results.”

The pieces are grouped in different sections, some for sale and some not. I am hoping some of these works will be seen again.

“About Elle Thorkveld

Artist focusing on generative and glitch digital art. Enjoys creating SL sculpture, installations, experimental machinima, video and music. SL and RL photographer. RL mixed media artist.”

One of the most striking pieces is the 3D animated “walls” shown in the photo above. I filmed a 2:33 minute vimeo to document the piece which you can see here.