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Hunting in New Toulouse is an activity I enjoy and look forward to and The Spectral Activity Survey going on right now through December 5 is something I made time to participate in.

“Following a sharp rise in reports of local hauntings, a fresh survey of ghostly activity is taking place in New Toulouse Parish.

The Spectral Activity Survey will continue through December 5, so be on the lookout for any haints, spooks, wraiths, phantoms, specters, poltergeists, or other apparitions. Citizens who register 20 ghosts with the Beacon Spiritualist Institute will gain access to gifts organized by the Taloo Boosters Society.

‘The ghosts of this parish, among them the oldest inhabitants of the area, have for too long been without a voice,’ said Richard Mains, a recently deceased candidate for New Toulouse mayor. ‘Since many ghosts are housebound, we call upon the living to find us and tell our stories.’

The most recent survey of this type was undertaken in November 1914, when 2,720 spirits were reported in this parish.

To get started finding ghosts, visit the Beacon Spiritualist Institute at 23 Nightingale Street, New Toulouse, and pick up your “Ghost Hunter’s Kit.”

Upon arriving at the Institute to pick up the kit, you’ll get a HUD with 20 spaces to collect ghost sightings and an instruction notecard with the landmark for the first stop.

If you crash a lot, you’ll want to remove the HUD several times and then add again to save what you’ve been collecting. Fortunately, I didn’t crash once and enjoyed the Hunt in one visit.

This is a wonderful way to explore New Toulouse. Many of the haunted sites are near each other so if you’re familiar with the area you can easily walk to the next place.  There are established locations and I discovered some newer places as well.

I usually don’t do well with Hunts for a combination of reasons and don’t feel I have time or patience to bother with them. Most of the prizes these days don’t interest me.

Out of the 20 locations on this Hunt, I found only two to be difficult, but not impossible. There is an option to join a group for help.

It’s best to use the region light setting. It’s not only gorgeous but makes it easier to spot the ghosts. I lightened these photos for this post.

My favorite part of this Hunt was collecting the ghost stories submitted by avatars, one for each location. I found them to be entertaining and well written. One of my favorite prizes is the book from the Beacon Spiritualist Institute that when clicked, offers a link to a web page with the story collection. Being copyable, I have rezzed a few at some of my locations on the grid for avatars to read when they stop and no one’s home.

I also very much like the radio that plays Jelly Roll from Quelques Choses (which I co-own and operate) and some art prints and textures from Weeds Vegetarian Public House. Some of the other rewards are the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this uniquely themed Hunt. It’s a lovely tradition.