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Having finished a series of posts focused on the virtual infrastructure of Route 10 in Jeogeot about a month ago, I am resuming on Route 2 in Epione on Heterocera.

I am beginning where Route 2 meets Mock Heather Road. These photos were taken about a month ago so I am checking the route again to make sure that no huge craters or other disasters have happened to make the area unrecognizable.

Moving from Epione to Siona, I discover that the wonderful land that was for sale last month has been sold but there is a security orb.

That is wonderful Drongolia shown in the background.

The bridge looks like this on the road.

Entering Gnoma, I couldn’t help but notice the terrible proliferation of sage grass and disrepair.

I walked through Ridens, Viciae, Albulata and Brithys. The road had fewer sage bushes in some stretches.

I called in map-reading backup here in Brithys where there is a road to the left. (Route 2 veers sharply to the left a little further on.)

A few steps further straight ahead we entered Emmelia with the Emelia Rez Zone on the left.

And to confirm we were going in the right direction.

You can buy the Linden Department of Public Works Manhole Cover for L$0.

A little further on, still in Emmelia, is a bridge.

The bridge from the side.

Many times there are interesting things to see under the LDPW bridges.

Including under water.

It’s just after this bridge that Route 2 turns sharply to the left.