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Art Project 3 opened at the Blue Orange on October 15. The SLurl will take you to the music club. Glancing around, you’ll see the poster on the wall, as shown above. It’s important to click the poster for the notecard which has LMs in case you get lost. (I needed them.) Also there’s a heads up about flashing lights in one of the exhibits. Blue Orange is located on the Adult sim of Empire State Island.

Shown above is DONE by Rebecca Bashly. I found it by walking through the opening in the wall as shown in the right of the top photo. The Art Corner has had a renovation since the last project and there are different routes to get around.

Art by Ini.

I enjoyed the presentation of the art and the care put into the gallery ambiance. From the notecard: “No pressure about advanced lights and WL, but it could help.” I don’t recall changing anything to take these photos.

Shown above is work by Xirana Oximoxi.

I walked through a couple of installations and then didn’t follow through into the hallway with the pulsing lights, located in the area shown in the center of the photo above. The area can be approached from another direction too, where I saw non-pulsing pieces by the artist, Nevereux.

Back tracking, I looked into a room behind a blue door and found this vibrant installation by Tubal Amiot.

This is another hallway leading to more art.

By Nevereux.

Mind Game by NicoleX Moonwall and Gitu Aura. NicoleX has created machinima of Blue Orange installations and events which can be seen on the vimeo channel, Gumbo Productions.   

Before the end of my tour, I needed to check the landmarks on the notecard to find the areas I missed. Other artists in this project are Jadeyu Fhang, Theda Tammas, and Chibbchichi.

Bryn Oh installation 51, Photos By You All, is shown above. I’m pleased that I didn’t overlook the note card info about the installation and Bryn’s talk on Not Possible in Real Life.  The hall with the photos, photographers names underneath, is to the left of where I began, shown in the top photo.

There is much to see here.