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This is an account of a sailing challenge I accepted a few weeks ago, departing the Wheedle Gallery in Port Langdale, with the destination being the Wheedle Gallery in Calleta. The journey was made in two separate trips. I prepared by getting my camera out and finding a good map reader and boat navigator to laugh with.

The boat chosen was a [TUFF] Old Rustic Brown Sailboat v 1.1. The challenge was published in the October edition of the Greater Coniston Courier and is also copy/pasted at the end of this post.

We sailed past shipwrecks, a volcano. the Linden Village in Pooley, into Maryport where we stopped for donuts and coffee and then through a narrow channel.

Sailing from Sansara to The Atoll, we were fortunate to make a couple of stops where we have rez rights. We kept lookout for public rez zones such as this one in East River Community, past the bridge in Kirkstone.

There were crashes, a difficult run-in with the junction of four sims plus at least one shocking ban line jutting way out into the water that wreaked havoc for a few moments. Fortunately there were also some land owners with temporary rezzing on plus enough Li available to rez our little boat.

We paused in Edgerley to look at the map, then sailed a huge expanse of water before getting dumped in Uba. The photo above was taken near the broken bridge in Fujin.

We took a detour to leave the boat at my place in Montara and resumed the trip another day.

We passed the rez zone in Harvey while sailing the L-Shaped Lake.

Eventually we reached the Wheedle Gallery in Calleta and enjoyed looking around the area.


“The Calleta or Bust Challenge

The Wheedle Gallery has had the privilege of having one of its galleries located in Coniston on the waterfront for some time now. A much larger Wheedle Gallery is also located near the water, far away in the historic sim of Calleta. An interesting fact is that waterways connect both art galleries. It is possible to successfully travel from Coniston to Calleta by boat. I have done it twice now. The question is, “Do you have the time, patience and willpower to make the trip?”

The rules are simple. Boat all the way from the Coniston Wheedle Gallery,


to the Calleta Wheedle Gallery,


successfully. If along the way your viewer crashes, you accidentally get ejected from private property or you lose your boat in a sim crossing, simply backtrack your route until you find a convenient rez zone and then continue on your journey. If for some reason your trip is interrupted, simply landmark the spot where you currently are and when you have the time, backtrack from your spot to the nearest rez zone and continue on your way again. Once you arrive at Calleta, be sure to take the time to explore Calleta and the surrounding community.

May you have fair winds and calm seas.


If you have read this far and accept the challenge, let us know how you did in the comments below. Or you can drop a notecard in the mailbox at North Keswick Press.