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There’s been some great changes to the neighborhood around Wanderlust Art Park. Recently a few seasonal decorations have been added as well.

From left to right, the 2D art is by Klaus, Pearl Grey, Veyot and Saul Goodie. Scarecrow sculpture by Silas Merlin.

From left to right, screen by Lynette Trinity, digital art by Elle Thorkveld and collage by baker Bloch.

First life photography by Adriana Biziou. The 2D piece on the right is by Klaus and contains a notecard quote on compassion.


Works by ChrysTeRox, serra Qendra, Melusina Parkin and Wheedle.

Also on display is a Tesla Wireless Phone by Kimika Ying in the park side and a Victorian Crossing Signal on the Cafe side; both can be purchased.

Both levels of the bird house display works by serra Qendra.

Four works by the talented Seraphim Placebo (Chris Attwell).

At least three of the group members have builds at Radical Ritual, Burn2 which opens Saturday, October 21. Landmarks to their plots are contained in the poster.

The lower level of the gallery at Wanderlust Cafe Extension holds a sculpture by Silas Merlin and art by Giselle Seeker.

Kate Silver and Mango Lassi are also exhibiting. Upstairs, there is digital art by Saul Goodie.

The vase is by Lynette Trinity, near the Victorian Crossing Signal.

The Cafe has indoor and outdoor seating.  The outdoor area plus cafe rooftop is showing Pockets of Light, blogged here.