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Autumn season is well underway in Olde Lapara Towne. Halloween decorations are scattered about to just the right degree. I first discovered the town several years ago while riding the train on The Atoll during the winter. It travels right past.

In one of the parks, the Wanderlust Art Truck has camped for the month of October. This is the 11th stop on the tour which began in March of this year.  The landing is in a small gallery with directions to the nearby park.

The current land description for this area: “Olde Lapara Towne hosts the Wanderlust Art Truck this October. Paintings and sculptures in an outdoor setting. Trains connect to the rest of the town. Halloween decor is in the Grand Lapara Hotel. The Coolest Town on the mainland!”

Here is a view looking in the direction of the train tracks.

“Old Lapara Towne is the best city on Second Life.  We are located at the top of the atoll, near the mainlands highest peaks.

The town is seven years old, consists of four layers, including subway and elevated rail lines, plenty of roads, parks, buildings, and walking trails.

In addition, maintenance work, and upgrades are continuously being applied to the city and its infrastructure.

The town does not follow a strict theme.  It is my homage to days gone by.  Originally founded to be a steampunk, and then a 1920’s sim, it morphed and probably follows more of a 1950’s to 1970’s atmosphere, where you will see an old car, and a more modern vintage car in the same area.  Once in a while, a steam engine will make an appearance.”  ~ Levi Clownski

There is much more detailed information on the Olde Lapara Towne website.


The photo above was taken on the upper level of Clownski’s Window Art. You can do a Viennese Waltz and then get something to eat.

“Monument to the original department stores. Come and maybe catch a show at Clownski’s! Gawk at the authentic window displays! Easy Tram access to downtown Lapara.”

Halloween Haunted Hotel

“Take a stroll through scenic Old Lapara Towne; envelope yourself and your speciel someone in the romance of early 20th century America. The ORIGINAL mainland tram train streetcar city; accept no imitations. Ghostly Hotel!!!”

Lapara continues to be an inspiration for creativity for other avatars, including as a subject for several blog posts by Veyot.

Grand Lapara Ballroom

Olde Lapara Towne has also been a main setting for a graphic novel just completed in September by baker Bloch. A page with six links to each of the six parts can be found here.

The Bodega Market on the southwest corner of the town currently holds a collection of collages by baker, on exhibit now.

“Red door bar in back.
Art Gallery Upstairs
Teleporter inside door”

The infrastructure in Lapara is amazing. There are numerous vehicles and ambient sounds, including Halloween for the season.

If you get lost, just hop into one of the many moving vehicles.

Olde Lapara Towne is a fine example of the imagination and dedication of Second Life avatars that I so admire. There’s much to see here; make some time to let things rez.

I will be filming for the documentary series I’m doing for all the stops on the Wanderlust Art Truck tour at various times throughout the month. Volunteer actors welcome.