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Leaving the bus shelter in Hetae, I continued on to Yongma, where there’s a guard rail on the right side of the road. At the crossing to Cheonma, there’s a rez zone.

Immediately after the rez zone, the road mysteriously changes to Route 9 until arrival in Nha Na near this speed camera, then it becomes Route 10 again. There is only sharp-edged shoulder terrain by the Linden Department of Public Works through Sunwi Do, Achado and Mangyeoung.

The paving changes in Mangyeoung near Chilbo, an historical community that can be researched online. Info is also available at the Town Hall. Moving on into the Chilbo sim, there is much for visitors to see, except for the presence of other avatars, in my experience. The area is Zone 6 North/Center part of Chilbo sim.

The road continues through Kuwoi, Mindulie and Podul.  There’s a few meters of rez zone road in Sonamu and immediately you’re in Changmi where the paving abruptly changes back to blacktop.

There’s guard rails up in through most of Changmi.

Soon after entering Jinsan, the road paving changes again; immediately you enter Cheju.

At last! There’s a large rez zone for vehicles in Cheju. Most of the rest area is by Garden Mole. You can pick up copies of summer maples by Ignaeous Mole with various prim counts. Pods stop here too.

Route 10 continues through Tangna and Doi.

The road paving changes again in Baekdu. The road name changes to Route 10 – intersection with the shortcut, Baekdu.

The view above is looking back to the direction I was travelling from. Vehicles can be rezzed here at Nangrim Rez Zone intersection. Pods stop here too.

Route 10 continues through Silla and Chima.

Above shows another rez zone in Iseul.  (There’s Fireside Karaoke, open mic 24/7 just behind it as of this posting in early October 2017.)

From Iseul, the road continues through Gangwon and then Pak, shown below.

The road is in Pak but stepping off to the right, you’ll find you’re in Seopophang. And here is where the bulk of the landscaping budget for this road appears to been invested. There are trees, flowers, bushes, benches and a working campfire. There’s even an Ancient Donut by Silent Mole.

This seemed like an excellent place to pause and rest.