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The Wanderlust Art Truck made its 10th stop about two weeks ago, this time at Sunset Garden in Wyrd. The welcome area is at nearby Wyrd Watchtower.  The exhibit will be available for about another week or so. 

Each exhibit on the tour, which has included parcels on four continents plus Caledon, has been unique. This Sunset Garden location has been partially curated by the project creators, myself and Klaus Bereznyak. Additional pieces have been added by creative friends of the host, Veyot.

Marcus VanDouser made a Youtube video of the grand opening called Wanderlust.

There’s a Flickr group, Wanderlust Art Truck Fans, just created; you’re welcome to add your snapshots of yourself at this location.

There are other things to check out in the area, the previously mentioned Wyrd Watchtower, Saul’s Place Cafe and Library of Landmarks. Sojourners Ground is down the road in Erzulie. Wyrd and Erzulie are on Route 8B on Satori.

There will be at least one more stop for Wanderlust Art Truck before it retires.