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Beginning where I last stopped on Route 10, Jeogeot which I blogged here, I crossed this bridge which was not nearly as long as I expected. I approached the bridge in Silvercreek and walked off it in Aberhart.

There are some very noisy gulls around the bridge which weren’t nearly as challenging as the security orbs while I was snapping photos.

Not much further on is this small bridge over a dry gully in Cambrian.

Trees and shrubs are very sparse along this stretch of road. There is Linden foliage mixed with resident purchased trees and shrubs a little ways off the road shoulder.  I didn’t investigate as the first bridge took much longer to photograph than I anticipated.

In Sien Lok I saw a bench by Garden Mole. The description promises (naughty poses!).

On the other side of the road, close by is a guard rail.

In Dalhousie the road paving changes.

I continued on through Crowfoot and arrived at the Route 9/10 Intersection Rez Zone in Quenloo.  There was an avatar standing by the side of the road, perhaps waiting for a passing POD.

There are trees, bushes and flowers near the intersection. The crossing beacons are by Garden Mole. The large tree is an 11 Li sculpt also by Garden Mole. These trees are constantly moving which is very noticeable  from quite a distance away.

Across the intersection, continuing Route 10 in Deltide, the paving changes again.

There’s another rez zone in Hangflame Ridge. Next, in Quiet Mile, the name of the road changes to Protected Land, Quiet Mile, then back to Route 10 in Blue Hound.

Route 10 continues through Badly Moor, Trumbull, Auriga, Wollendilly and Lill Burn Valley. (I especially like the names Badly Moor and Wollendilly.)

What stood out for me on this stretch or road was the very sharp edged terrain on the shoulder. This photo was snapped at the rez zone in Trumbull.

I ended this part of my journey in Lill Burn Valley at a bridge by Mighty Mole.  It’s possible that by riding a POD through the area you might learn info and history in local text that is offered on many POD tours.

These photos were taken on September 12, 2017.