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Shown above is a rez zone at Route 10, Falkor. It meets Route 9 here on the continent of Jeogeot.

Very soon one arrives at Route 10 Bridge in Ninereeds.

Linden Road and Waterfront, Ninereeds. The public part of the waterway in this view seemed narrow.

Moving on, the road goes through Fymatigue and Fyre Maven.

There is a small bridge in Fyre Maven. I have kept my draw distance down and focused on the infrastructure for these photos. There are quite a few buildings in this area.

This is the road paving and ground texture for the sims covered in this post. You can see the speed bumps in the road. These photos were taken 9 – 9 – 17 and I repeatedly sunk down into the paving as I was walking. The photo above was taken in Black Drake.

Route 10 continues from Black Drake through Chapala, Applewood, Lynnwood, Pinemont, Grimm, Glenmore, Templegreen and Taravista.

The photo above was taken in Martindale. Further on is Oakfield, Cedarbrae and Flint.

There’s an underwater tunnel in Flint.

Fortunately it isn’t very long because it’s closed in.

When I exited the tunnel in Silvercreek, I flew up, turned around and snapped the photo above.  I continued on until I came to a large bridge, still in Silvercreek.

The trip continues here.