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I’m introducing a new category to my blog, virtual mainland infrastructure, which will include what seems to me to fit. I don’t really give much attention to tags and categories but I want to gather a type of post I intend to begin in some sort of better order than usual.I enjoy the creativity of avatars on the mainland and will continue to post about places I like there as well as continuing my usual art coverage, the occasional designer sim or event.

I’m using random photos from my collection in this post, no SLurls. The picture above was taken in North Keswick in Coniston, Sansara. 

I have been considering doing this for years. The bridges, the types of roads, different terrain, roadside foliage, signs, rest stops and such, things I’ve not heard many people mention.  The photo above was taken while driving in Ribeata.

I recall searching online for photos of the bridges in Second Life and finding little info. There is an abandoned 10 year old Flickr account with no SLurls and I recognized very few of the bridges. The photo above was taken in Anma.

The posts will be mostly photos, names of sims and some SLurls. I won’t be looking at the Wiki or doing other research. Wandering the mainland is a balancing sort of therapy for me. It’s a relaxing distraction that aids my fundamental creativity.

Some photos of bizarre land formations may be included.

The above photo looks like it was taken on Heterocera.

I don’t have any sort of schedule in mind; there are simply so many things to do.  I have used up 69 % of this free WordPress account; the future is very unpredictable as we all know.

The first post is scheduled for tomorrow, beginning on Route 10 in Falkor, Jeogeot.